Sand and Sea

February 22, 2012

Sand and Sea Shawlette finished and modeled on a beautiful day 
in southern California at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley.
Our kids live in the same town as the library and we visited for a long weekend.

What a grand place to be over President's Day weekend.
It is truly a wonderful presidential library in a beautiful setting.

We are definitely enthusiastic Ronald Reagan fans.  During his presidency, when he would return to southern California, he (along with a slew of secret service) would attend my mother's former church, Bel-Air Presbyterian Church. We often saw him and the first lady.  Once he sat behind us and he reached out for my then 2 year old son who sat on his lap.  He was such a warm and sweet natured man.

Pattern is from Coastal Knits (love)  My granddaughter loved this shawlette so much she ordered it (!!) in gray and green!  I have finished the Bayside Pullover (pictures soon) and have started the Wildflower Cardigan, both from this book.  I'm just working my way through the entire book.  You can probably notice I'm wearing another design from this book, the Water's Edge cardigan.

I won two skeins of Handwerks Luxury Sock in a give-a-way!  100% cashmere, there is not a word yet invented that describes properly how soft this yarn is.  It's really really really soft.  And fabulous to knit up.  For the lace edge there is a bit of leftover Rowan 4-ply cotton in a mustard yellow.

The vista overlooking the Santa Susanna Mountains was stunning.  The day was bright and sunny, a bit cool and breezy, just lovely.  I'm in awe of my beautiful state.

Highlights of the museum were the oval office replica, inaugural clothing, a section of the Berlin wall and Air Force One.  Yep, the real one.  It served 7 presidents and when it was retired, Ronald Reagan asked if he could have it.  A stunning pavilion was built to house it while it's on loan from the US Air Force.  You can tour it.  Fabulous.

You can also see his shiny limousine.
I highly recommend this beautiful museum library.  
Perhaps a bit off the beaten track, still, I know you won't be disappointed.

Afterwards we went to the movies to see The Big Miracle.
Naturally we brought our knitting.
My grand is knitting a scarf for her teacher.  Seriously.  How sweet.


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  1. Love this library. My family lives just a few minutes away from it. When my nephews were visiting years ago, President Reagan happened to be there and they got to meet him and talk with him a bit. It was an amazing day and my Mom got lots of great pictures.

  2. I absolutely love it that your granddaughter ordered the same shawlette! So sweet! And love the picture of you two knitting together. Just precious!

    You are really getting your money's worth out of that book! Your new make is so beautiful - I love grey and yellow together.

    I'm in awe of your beautiful state too, and I'll be there (San Diego) in a week and a half! Yay!

  3. I admired President Reagan so, so much and feel very fortunate to have lived during his presidency. A wonderful human being!! I visited the library years ago and hope that I can return some day. Thank you very much for sharing! And, yes, California is beautiful and so varied.

  4. Thanks for taking us with you on your outing! Ah, that California weather. I saw Ronald Reagan in "Stallion Road" not too long ago and he was great--I always see him as the one in the "decent guy" roles. Love your outfit! And how do you knit in a movie theater, anyway? Don't know if I can do that!

  5. I love this Library and have friends and family that live close to it. He and the first Lady attented my Church and he was such a nice and very friendly man even with all of the Secret Service Men around.


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