Decorative File Folders DIY

February 03, 2012

Redemption at last!  Finally a reason why I saved scraps of wallpapers of rooms and houses past (and present).

A bottom drawer of my guest bath holds 40 (!) years of wallpaper scraps.
I loved the way they turned out.
I used this simple tutorial found here.    I cut the wallpaper a little larger than the folder and then folded it in half.  Outdoors I opened the folder and sprayed it with Alene's Tacky Spray Glue, then lined them up together and smoothed it out.  I used a rotary cutter and mat to cut along the straight sides of the folder edges and used scissors around the tab.

Very easy, very fast and very pretty!  But mostly I like that I'll be able to see my old wallpapers every day!
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  1. Very good idea. And very thank you that you described how to make it. So good job. so good looking. Best warm wishes....

  2. Decorative folders are really great. And with this example, you can do some decorative folders with a unique touch.

  3. Excellent idea!


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