I love my garden

June 23, 2011

Working hard for 3 days has paid off.  The garden is beautiful.  On to the windows today so I can look out and see all this beauty without any blemish!

First off, step outside the kitchen door where I have two brick planters filled with herbs, flanked by strawberry pots filled with flowers.

 A few steps to the right and see the veggie garden.
 My husband is in charge of the tomatoes this year.  They are big and healthy.
 We all love dill, it volunteers all over the garden.
 Lots and lots of sweetpeas.  I remember these fondly from my childhood.
 Another view with greenhouse in the very back.  Do you see it behind the green bean teepees?
My husband put in a great water system years ago.  There is a central station where I can water the garden in two sections, but each bed has an on/off control.
Walk through the veggie garden to the greenhouse.  My husband and son built this from a Charley's Greenhouse kit!
It is getting a good scrub down today.
A sharp left and you're at the perennial garden.  It's mostly hydrangeas, dahlias, shasta daisies, some roses and peonies.  Also the big wisterias.
 I line the path with annuals.  It changes every year, and this year I did a big mix of petunias and begonias with zinnias and marigolds behind.  I clearly got carried away.
 This is a pretty spot under the lath house.
Last two nights I have had my feet up and knitting and have TWO fo's to share.  soon!

byw, the weather today is gorgeous.  Bright blue skies and 72 degrees.  Bliss, perfect window washing weather ;)

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  1. I love sitting in your back yard and enjoying all the beautiful flowers, garden and lawn from the wonderful Patio. I am sure the Wedding will be lovely with your picture perfect yard.

  2. What a dream your garden is....a lot of hard work I know...but clearly well worth it!


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