spring fashions

March 31, 2011

These little gals greet me cheerily every time I enter my sewing room. And, they have so many clothes that I have to change them from season to season.

So here we go....All the sewn patterns are designed by Teresa Layman for the Vogue Doll Collection.

Little Patsy in her playsuit, Vogue pattern 7892. Such beautiful details, made with Italian cotton.

This little smocked tea dress is from Vogue pattern #7244 and is one of my favorites. It's hard to tell but there is a little embroidered sailboat on the collar.
The tennis set is from Plymouth Yarns booklet called Doll Wardrobe Part 2. Check out the tiny matching pink tennis shoes! I'm crazy over teeny tiny dolly shoes.
The chartreuse play set is from Beehive's Just For Dolls. It's now out of print, but I have seen it on Ebay. It has versatile clothes for Barbie and for larger dolls in 3 sizes, 14, 16 and 18".
Jacquay Yaxley is a genius in the doll knit world. Kirsten is wearing a special Easter dress from pamphlet #159. So fun to knit.
Another Jacquay Yaxley, this sweater set with skirt and hat is pamphlet #161, modeled by Daisy Doll.
I love her matching Uggs!
This fully lined spring cap and coat is also made from Italian cotton and lined with cotton sateen. Vogue pattern 7486.

Mother's doll in a feather and fan lace pattern dress knit in Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino.
It's so fun and fast to create a little wardrobe for little dollies!

We'll visit the girls again this summer and check out what they're wearing.

Bye for now!

(Edited to add, yes, these were all made by moi!)

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  1. I love your Patsy doll! My Mom has hers from when she was 10. I have a reproduction one.
    But she made the cutest clothes from original patterns, and there is a huge box full.
    Your dollys are so cute and dressed beautifully!

  2. Adorable! And you made all those? Well done you!

  3. Penelope! I would LOVE to see your mom's doll and the clothes! I love my Patsy doll too, she is a reproduction and I have never even seen an original, just pictures. I hope you share them on your blog one day. Kristen

  4. Hi Kirsten, I really enjoy your blog and projects! ...about your Daisy Doll...the one with the tennis outfit...is that her full name? I tried searching for her and got something different. Any information is appreciated! Thanks!

  5. Hi Melissa
    Blogger won't let me send you an email, it's the one thing I don't like about Blogger. Sometimes I can find commenters on Ravelry or through their blog, but I hope you come back here to read my answer. The doll you like is the Daisy Kingdom doll and I have seen her with blonde or red hair. On Ebay it looks like her name is Pansy. I just placed a bid on one with red hair. Several came up on Ebay, hope that clarifies it for you.


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