Stitches West

February 18, 2011

I'd like to take you on a little tour of Stitches West, practically in my own back yard, just 15 minutes down the (rainy and windy) freeway. There were walls and walls of yarns insisting that we touch!

I came home with this Malabrigo Sock in Playa from the Imagiknit booth.

This crazy thing is a Stitch Light. I am a sucker for these contraptions and think this one will be the perfect one for me, finally, for knitting in the car, movie theater, etc.
Nifty Thifty Dry Goods booth was crazy popular...
everything displayed so was not easy to walk away...
so I ended up bringing these adorable buttons home. Vintage Japanese.A Verb For Keeping Warm had a beautiful booth. I think a road trip is on my horizon.
Another possible road trip? Ranch of the Oaks in Lompoc, they do it all from start to finish. Really soft yarn with the name of the animal on the label!
I loved these ruffley wool handbags.
Yarn tastings going on.
Cutest lil' Wooly Wonders
Alana Dankos of Never Not Knitting was so cute in her busy booth.
Did you know Marion Foale has her own yarn line? Me neither. It was very nice, here is Ali McGraw in the booth helping to promote. She looked great.
I bought a two-day ticket and may go back another day. It's just fun to be around so many knitters and wool, books and needles. You know how that is.

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  1. Wow! What's a great post. Feel like I was there. Thank you so much for sharing with us your photos of the show. Please post some more, please!

  2. So fantastic yarns!!!And place!!!

  3. Thanks for the tour! You know I never made it to Stitches when I lived in the Bay area (guess I thought I had enough yarn, ha ha). I love the button booth and the Ranch of the Oaks alpaca in neutrals.

  4. Thanks for the great photos, I can't wait to go today. There seems to be quite a few new vendors this year like Sunshine yarns, sanguine gryphon, alana never not knitting, yay

  5. Love the photos! I was at the market every day, yet I never saw you! Too bad we weren't able to meet up! Did you get my message about it? Anyway, love the yarns you bought. And the stitch light--I am really curious about that. Perhaps I can see yours sometime?

    Such lovely yarn! And so little time......

    Look forward to seeing you soon.

  6. It was nice to chat with you at Stitches.. I hope you can come and visit us some time soon...
    Have a fleecy day...

  7. OMG, what alot of fun was that? I would be so overwhelmed with all the goings on, it would probably take me a few days to work my way around. Such goodies everywhere!


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