winter in Caliornia

December 29, 2010

Today is promising to be another perfect day. Rain. Just like yesterday. As a California native, I have lived through more droughts than I care to think about, so rain, even sprinkles, is always a reason to be happy. The granddaughter of a California farmer and a gardener myself, I welcome rain. My son was born during one of our worst droughts. It rained when he was four and he didn't even understand what was happening! We put on rain gear and splashed in even the tiniest puddles...all day.

So it's another perfect day for fickle knitting, one project for an hour, work on another for a bit, start a new one. House is clean and organized, dinner planned, and Merchant Ivory's, The Golden Bowl on the dvr. How is it I have never seen this movie? I love Merchant Ivory films and thought I'd seen them all. I was 12 minutes into it, and realized this one had to be savored for the perfect time. And it has come.

Before I go, here are a few pictures of winter in my corner of California.

Orange juice in the making.

We still have roses. I know, it's crazy!

Lots of moss.

And lots of olives too.
Camelias are starting to bloom.
Hydrangeas still look pretty even with their ragged ears.
And then voila! bouquets ready to go around the house.

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  1. Wow! So pretty! It makes me anxious for spring here in the Midwest.


  2. Lovely, lovely pictures. I have never been to California and it's nice to get a glimpse of it like this.

  3. Thanks for the garden pictures. They are inspiration for spring while we languish under a thick blanket of snow. Snow, like rain, provides perfect knitting time!

  4. Glad to hear you are enjoying the holiday season. What is the deal with all these roses blooming at this time of year? It makes me happy to look out the window and see them, but it feels wrong! Just saw the movie "Tangled," it was adorable. Hope you enjoy The Golden Bowl. :-)


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