Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam

December 02, 2010

I'd forgotten about this quilt! I was surprised to see it on my granddaughter's bed at Thanksgiving. It was extra cold and she had pulled it out. I had a big smile when I saw this. It was made for her when she was two, for her big girl bed. It's now been replaced by something a little more hip, but hey, Sue and Sam still look pretty cool.I must have been pretty tired to put on Sam's pocket upside down!

Yes, she is knitting!

And she is quite perfect at it.
I LOVE Sunbonnet Sue and Overall Sam. I've made a few others and will take some pictures and share them soon.

This quilt is hand appliqued and embroidered, machine pieced, then hand quilted. Much washed and much used, it is holding up very well.

I love hand quilting almost as much as I love knitting.

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  1. Hi Kristin! So nice to see Annie in your post. You hadn't mentioned her in a long while. I am also not surprised that she is adept at knitting right out of the box! Who's her Gram?!!!! Enjoy this wonderful time of year. Chris

  2. Hand quilting, redwork and beautiful knitting. You are a wonder! I have a similar quilt that my aunt made for me when I was a child. It's nice to see a child of the tech age enjoying one, and knitting, too!


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