Audrey in Las Vegas

December 10, 2010

Silly me. We went to Las Vegas for a few days, where, since I don't care to gamble all that much, I thought I was going to rest up and do some knitting. Ha. Las Vegas lured me into not staying in my room and resting, but going out and doing. Eats, drinks, shows, shops, and even some gambling with my hubbie.

My husband loves to gamble and feels the Las Vegas itch come on him once a year or so, and I'm happy to tag along because I LOVE Las Vegas, such a pretty town. The hotels were all decked out for Christmas and they looked so pretty. But really, I was grateful to be home and get a vacation away from my vacation. So pooped.

Here's what I did on the airplane and the little time I stayed in my room:

I love doing Unst lace!

My Las Vegas dirt: We love to stay at the Venetian, all the rooms are suites, so nice, they have great deals right now. Favorite restaurants are Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris Hotel, sit on the patio and watch the Bellagio water show. We also crave those big steaks at Smith and Wollensky, expensive yes, but so yum. Great town.

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  1. Venetian is a great place to stay and I really miss Smith and Wollensky! Did you get a chance to see the Christmas decorations at the Bellagio? One of my favorite places to go with the camera!


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