September 15, 2009

While simultaneously working on 5 projects, I just happen to finish one! Seneca, by Brooklyn Tweed, is LOVELY! The directions for the pattern itself is graceful and flowing; just plain ole' reading necessary here, no arduous deciphering of cryptic directions necessary. The single pattern was downloaded from Ravelry, a very nice option if you don't want to purchase the whole book, and I didn't. Jared was nice to his fans to allow this option. Thank you!

This was knit in the round (yippee!) from bottom up, then sleeves and body were joined at the yoke and knit in the round with cables and decreases until the end. I eliminated the last row of yoke cables to make a more fitted sweater which suits me. The hem and neckline trim are 2 rows of purls and 2 rows of knit, then the 2 rows of purls again. The hem lays flat and is a technique I will use again.

I love the sideways cables which is worked over a 10 stitch repeat. The central double increase was a new one on me. It makes 5 stitches out of one stitch and is necessary to create the cable to go up and off to the right and left. The last row you decrease back to one stitch. A good tutorial for that is found here. The pattern directions are written well enough to get you through it, but it was nice to see the pictures anyway.

Make this one. You'll be glad you did.

The details: Size xs using 8 skeins of Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big in color # 601, white. Raveled.

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  1. I *love* this sweater! It looks fantastic on you and now I think I must make one for me too :)

  2. What an elegant sweater! And perfect to wear to work! This is a really classic looking top that I bet you will wear over and over again. :-)

  3. This sweater is fabulous and looks fabulous on you; but that is no surprise as all your projects are beautiful!

  4. Hey Kristen, I love this sweater, and the others you've created too!

    Having lots of urges to take up knitting (something I haven't done since I was VERY small!)

    Love your creations here and will be visiting lots ;o)

    Take care xxx

  5. love your work! I love this pattern and prefer to knit a finer sweater for more wear. Did you have to make any adjustments to make this on a 3.75?


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