Behold The Lilies

September 29, 2009

Oh look! Another white sweater. Hee hee. I think I see some color in my future, but for now I offer up one more white. This is a beauty, Lily by Marnie MacLean knit in RYC Cashcotton DK. I started it way back in January, planned to have it be my Easter sweater, but I got bogged down with all the changes I had to make to this lovely pattern because of the yarn being a different gauge. My stitch count, decreases and increases, just about everything was different and I had to wing it. I took no notes so could never recreate it thank goodness. If I were to make it again, I would make sure my gauge was spot-on and just follow the pattern as it was written. The lace pattern I did follow.

I took it out of hibernation a few nights ago and added a few more pattern repeats to the yoke, all the while trying to speed up the decreases. Then lastly, k2tog (twice), p2 and that drew the yoke in to get a k2p2 rib started for the neckline. The cashcotton is nice and soft to knit with. Mostly cotton with a little cashmere and a little bit of bunny too. I hope it holds up well. Raveled.

This will be going to Australia with me in November. Perfect for their spring. See you next time with some color!

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  1. That's beautiful! The sweater is so pretty in white, and will indeed be perfect for spring.

  2. I love your white sweaters! Truly useful in a wardrobe and they will be just the thing for Australia. Bravo for making it through all the gauge changes in this project.

  3. I adore white sweaters and yours is stunning. I was going to ask which size you made and how much ease you figured but with your changes can you still give me an idea?
    This sweater has been on my to do list since it first was released and now that I see how stunning yours is I may have to do it in white too. Thanks~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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