meandering paths

May 08, 2009

Twenty five years ago when we unexpectedly walked in on an open house, the house we would eventually own, the first thing I loved about it and why I had to have it, was the garden. The house is in a quiet part of our suburban town which we liked, plus, it had a superb layout: immense lawn that my husband craved, large border for flowers that I craved, and a large sunny plot ready for a vegetable garden, plus the trees, beautiful mature trees. A bit overgrown and neglected, it took some sweat to get it cleaned up. But my favorite garden feature was here when we arrived and it remains my favorite feature to this day, the brick paths meandering through the back garden. Some short and some longer, sometimes they meet up and then later might split apart. Some are cool and shady and mossy and hidden, some are sunny and open, and often they are weedy darnit, and I love them all.

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