a flowery morning

May 07, 2009

After a morning of gardening, these pretty pictures inspired me to finally create a blog. But blogging is difficult and exhausting! Who knew?

This is to be a knitting blog, but if you will allow me for my first post, this beautiful spring day, to post pictures of, can you guess? My roses. I know, I can almost hear you squeal, "how unique, how different, how rare, for a blogger to post pictures of her backyard roses". But, ahem, here goes.

Above is Climbing Eden, such a pretty welcome to the veggie garden. It has a lush first bloom, then later a lighter bloom. It's beautiful blossom drops downward, so it's best growing up a trellis where they can hang down and be viewed easily.

Below is a collection of David Austin roses with a background of paint-by-number doggies from the 60s. Love those doggies so much.

Finally, Blaze, so faithfully bloomy throughout spring and summer.

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  2. Hi Kristen,
    I love the photos of your beautiful roses! It was great to see you at the luncheon today. You are beautiful, as always. xo Me.

  3. Let's see if I can do it!! Love your Garden and remember when friends had their wedding in your yard couple of years ago? Such a lovely affair and Stacy's and Mick's reception. Just fond memories. Love You, Mom


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