The Lonely Tree

September 13, 2013

Here is the last of my train knit accessories.  The Lonely Tree, a free pattern download by Silvia Bo Bilvia, an easy leaf lace pattern that is beautiful knit in a hearty yarn like Pioneer.  Pioneer is an organic and earthy wool sourced and spun in California, so nice!  I'm excited to be able introduce you to this yarn if you are new to it.  I loved the spongy and crepey handle which also had plenty of heft.  It felt beautiful in the hand and was smooth and elastic on my wooden Knit Picks Harmony needles.  There's a wee bit of veg matter in it but I could easily pick it out and didn't feel slowed down at all.  After all, I expect some VM in minimally processed yarns and don't mind it in the least.  I would use Pioneer again in a heartbeat.   Pioneer is sold exclusively at A Verb For Keeping Warm.  When I checked the website, it's completely sold out and asked to check back in early October when they expect a new shipment.  I'm happy to see it's so popular.  I just read that they are the newest flagship store for Brooklyn Tweed's Shelter and Loft and are having a trunk show in late September!  Road trip!

The Lonely Tree is another perfect travel knit.  The pattern starts to make sense after a few repeats and mistakes rarely made after that.  I love it when you can say that about lace.  This needed a good wet block and then the yarn smoothed out easily.  I was able to gently stretch it and pat it into shape and dry outdoors in the shade.  Pioneer softens up after the soak and is lovely to wear around the neck.  The color is Beachrock, a grayed out pale purple.

This was knit on a long train ride.  When you knit in public you have to be prepared for the comments:  "My grandma used to knit!"  (imagine that)  "I don't have the patience for anything like that!"  (well I do)  "You must save a LOT of money!"  (I wish)  I sat next to the nicest young man on my last train ride, a freshman at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo.  We had the nicest visit and he marveled that I could knit and still carry on a conversation.  What a doll!

Here's the links!

My Ravelry link
Pioneer, the yarn
The Lonely Tree, the pattern
The Brooklyn Tweed trunk show info

I hope you enjoyed my accessories week.
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  1. Lovely. This one really says "Fall" to me!

  2. Kristen,
    Love, love, love the scarf!

  3. Well, the Pioneer certainly worked out, didn't it! I'm so happy to have known you long enough now, that I can see a post about your yarn store visit, and then one where the yarn turns into something beautiful! Also: fab hair. <3


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