One small way knitters can help Ukraine

March 03, 2022

In Ravelry you can create an advanced search for patterns using certain filters. One of these filters is by designer's country. I clicked on Ukraine and was delighted to find pages of the most gorgeous patterns, and most are  in English. Wouldn't it be a nice surprise for Ukrainian designers to know that knitters all over the world are thinking of them and supporting their country, even if only in a small way? Take this link to find Ukrainian designed patterns.

Below are a few of my favorites. Links are embedded in the pattern name.

Spread the word! Which one(s) did you buy?

Granat Hat by Irina Dmitriava

Guell by Pelykh Natalie

Kazka Sweater by Pelykh Natalie

Blossom by Irina Dmitrieva

Striped Twins by Natalia Aksyonova

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  1. What a wonderful idea! That vee neck one is similar to one that the heroine of Netflix's MARCELLA wears in Season Three. If you like dark Nordic police thrillers (for some reason my husband and I find them grimly rewarding), MARCELLA also contains a few nifty pieces of knitwear (her brown sweater with the fair isle band in Season 2 is one of my favorites), you might try this one. Better watched during the day than right before you go to sleep. Will check out other patterns Ukraine patterns Right Now! Chloe. P.S. I did not capitalize MARCELLA. The computer did it.

    1. Thank you for the Netflix recommendation. We too like dark Nordic police thrillers! Just watching Pieces of Her now and love it. Also just finished Inventing Anna. Crazy!

      I bought that vee pattern. Looks like a good basic to have around.

      xo Kristen

  2. Great post. I've been buying patterns from one Ukrainian designer since the fighting began and sending messages of love and support. Incredibly, she has found the presence of mind to write back, providing a little insight into what they are enduring. Thanks for sharing this idea through your blog, Kristen

    1. Thank you so much Janet. I hope the little help we can provide is inspirational if nothing else.

  3. Hi Kristen, Such a great idea on your last post...One of the staff at Monarch Knitting in Pacific Grove turned me on to another Ukrainian knitter/designer in San Francisco.. Ksenia Naidyon she is on Raverly and she has a beautiful shawl called Mallow shawl, after the mallow flowers which are symbols of health and protection, all the money will go to humanitarian support in Ukraine,especially her town where she has many friends and family.


    1. I looked up Ksenia and her patterns are beautiful. What a wonderful gesture for her to make. I'm certain the Ukrainians who live in the US and other countries outside their home country are just distraught with fear and anger. Heartbreaking.

  4. I love your article so much and I appreciate your thought and views. This is really great work. Thank you for sharing such a useful information here on the blog.


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