February 24, 2022


I'm finished with Piace. It's going to be a fun one to wear but I'll miss knitting it. The wobbly stripes are created with German short rows and are just plain fun to make.  I purchased the pattern and yarn as a kit directly from Rosy Green Wool in Germany. When it arrived I handed it over to my husband to give it to me on Christmas morning. The yarn, Cheeky Merino Joy, is so lovely. They believe "that better wool is possible - without animal suffering, with better working conditions and with less environmental impact - all without sacrificing the wool’s softness and beautiful colours." They do a beautiful job making their wool. I also feel that their shipping prices to the US is good and I was happy to support their efforts to provide sustainable hand knitting yarn and give them my business. Joy is infinitely soft and a joy to knit.

Cheeky Merino Joy yarn You can find Joy in the US; try Lift Bridge and The Yarn Addict
Piace Kit I purchased the suggested colors, taupe and Cornish slate
Piace pattern by Felicia de Bono on Ravelry

I've had a cold for a week and set aside my home projects and have instead planted myself on the sofa to knit my sniffles away. We started watching Ted Lasso and we are both loving it so much. We finished watching the new Reacher series, so so good, and like you I'm sure, watching The Gilded Age, which honestly, I wish was a little better. I started two new projects, a test knit for Kiddiwinks and a preview knit for Brooklyn Tweed, both for Carter and both so dang cute. I'm also on the home stretch of a delicately cabled pullover in white for me and have started a new pattern by Joji in black, also for me. I may put them aside and cast on for a white lace summer sweater as soon as my yarn arrives. Did I say summer? It's like summer here NOW; bright sunny skies, but very cold, and no rain. Bah. If I thought a rain dance would work, I'd do one. Last thing, is everyone playing Wordle? I love that they only allow one word per day so you can't waste hours on it. My husband told me that the New York Times just bought it so I hope they don't change that about it. I don't need anything to compete with my addiction to knitting!

The garden today is so sunny and bright that it was actually difficult to take photos. Too bright in February! California, please just get some rain already. But as I said above, it's cold and the flowers on the tulip magnolia actually froze last night and half the blossoms turned brown. 

The camellias are out in their full ballerina beautifulness. I've been picking branches and bringing them in the house even though they are the most impractical flower for picking. Their heavy flowers take no time in dropping, but for a day or two you feel like you're in a still life.

I love this blotchy camellia.

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  1. I think I made the same comment last year but the difference is so striking. We are having a snow storm here in Montreal and expecting 15 - 20 cm. ☃️❄️ It’s quite beautiful but I wouldn’t mind a magnolia or two. Soak up some sun for me and it might help you get rid of your cold ! Happy knitting. At the moment I am working on a cardigan top down in the round.

    1. Even though I'm a native, it still is strange to live in California and experience sunny days when everyone else is having snow. Of course, your weather sounds just perfect to me, even though I wouldn't know how to live in it!

  2. Your garden is waking from it's winter slumber. Here in America's heartland (Indianapolis) we are fully entrenched in winter. One day it is 20 and the next is 50 or 60 even! The camellias are beautiful! Our weather will turn...eventually. I love your garden pics along with all of your knitting projects.

    1. Thank you so much. I love the term "America's heartland". Makes me feel happy to be an American.


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