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December 14, 2021


Last year I made peg doll angels, remember them? Because they were so much fun I knew I would be making more again this year. This time I was inspired to make elves and I confess I'm already dreaming about next year’s doll. Peg dolls are fun to make and give, and these elves made me smile every step of the way giving me a pleasant few hours in my craft room. They are nice for either gift embellishments or tree ornaments and of course, little ones like to play with them too. If you are inspired to make these, here’s the how-to:


paint in brown, black, white, red
matching thread and fine needle
2.5" wooden peg dolls (they are the "dad" doll)
You'll also need a few small paintbrushes, toothpicks or a small wooden skewer, and a fine tweezer is helpful.

Now it’s time to make these little fellas. Let dry between each step. For easier clean up, work assembly line style if making more than one.

--First, paint on hair with brown paint. I left the faces unpainted except for the eyes and mouth.
--Next, with a skewer or the end of a small paintbrush, dot on white paint for eyes.
--Just off-set of the white eye paint and using picture below as a guide, dot on black paint for eyes. I wanted my elves to have a rascally Elf on the Shelf vibe.
--With a fine brush and red paint, make a teensy smile.
--Paint body with glue and sprinkle with fine glitter. 
--Make felt hat pattern: Cut a 3" circle from paper and fold into fourths. The 1/4 circle is your hat pattern.
--Make felt hat: Using pattern, cut felt adding a scant 1/8" to each straight side for seam. Cut a 2" piece of baker's twine for top loop and glue to underside of hat tip. With tiny stitches, hand stitch the hat together, securing baker's twine loop with stitches.
--Place a line of glue to inside of hat rim and place on head.
--Optional: embellish hat with tiny leaf, holly berry, snowflake, bow, etc.
--Wrap twine or ribbon around neck for a scarf.`

Tie to a gift or hang on your tree and smile! I'll hand these out as I see my friends, plus I'll take a walk around the block and set them on our neighbor's front porches. 

Peg Doll Angels link

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