Don’t Ask Again: A new sweater pattern from Isabell Kraemer

November 19, 2021

I just finished the Don't Ask Again cardigan designed by German designer, Isabell Kraemer.  A plain vanilla cardigan is just what I needed in my sweater wardrobe, but no matter what color you choose, this sweater pattern will help you build a timeless sweater wardrobe or refresh an older one. As you're planning your knitting queue and thinking about what will be fun to knit and wear, don't forget to add the classics! Your wardrobe deserves at least several classic styles that don't go out of style; sweaters you'll want to wear again and again.

I could tell that much care was taken with the writing of this pattern. It's very easy to follow and uses a few technique twists on the basics--the sleeves use a modified contiguous set-in sleeve that creates a good fit that is easy to do. It is knit top down with faux seams up the sides and the back that you could eliminate if you chose to. I do love it, it fits well and looks equally good worn open or buttoned up. My fit has a little positive ease.

Even though I say the contiguous set-in sleeve technique a "new" twist, it's common now and in fact so common that I rarely see the separate set-in bell shaped sleeve of twenty or so years ago. Some pattern companies still write the separate bell sleeve into a pattern, but most designers now use either the short-row technique or contiguous technique for achieving the same bell shaped look but with a better fit which is easier to achieve. If I am following an older pattern, I always rewrite the sleeves to use either one of the above techniques for a more modern adaptation. But these newer techniques are not without their foes. One complaint of the contiguous sleeve is the lack of structure as it has no seams. I've never had a problem with that, but I'm guessing with a bulkier yarn it could be a problem, so if you want structure to stabilize the shoulder, you could use the short-row technique as that does add more structure. This particular pattern is a modified contiguous version as it has a saddle shoulder. FYI, here are my directions for how to knit a set-in top-down sleeve.

I made a few small modifications to this pattern which are on my Ravelry page for reference, but for those not on Ravelry, I include them here as well.


-The button bands are simple and charming. I added one mod to the bands by adding two extra knit rows on either side of the buttonhole row = 4 extra rows per band. Did the same for the button band.

-I also brought in my neck by decreasing 2 sts in each shoulder area of the neck trim--dec 4 sts per row X 3 rows = 12 sts dec total. This brought the neck in a bit as I like my neck a bit more fitted.  

 DAA by Isabell Kraemer

My Ravelry project page

I used Rowan Valley Tweed

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  1. Kristen, I always like your take on patterns and today you make such an important point. I have to remember to put in my queue not only what I think would be fun to knit, but make sure I put in what I will want to wear. You make a point for knitting the classics! I love your blog and cannot wait to see what you are doing and making for Christmas. Fondly, Kathy

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Thank you for your comment. My knitting style changed several years ago when I finally admitted that I need to knit more of what I'll actually wear! I'm looking forward to Christmas too and have a few blog posts planned already. Right now I'm still getting my Thanksgiving plans together! Happy Thanksgiving Kathy.

  2. This is a lovely sweater. I especially like the detail down the back.


  3. I prefer knitting sweaters flat and in pieces and have never minded seaming. I like they way they look and I have always felt the fit is better. I think that makes me an old fashioned gal but oh well! There are still plenty of patterns out there for me. However I may just give this pattern a try. It is indeed a classic.

    1. I'm with you on finding your preferences! I'm so glad there are many ways to knit a sweater so there is something for everyone.Viva la difference! Thank you for your comment and your readership. Kristen


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