Nissehue Christmas Hat (free pattern)

November 29, 2021

If you celebrated Thanksgiving I hope it was wonderful and grateful in every beautiful way that the day can inspire. It's a common tradition around most Thanksgiving dinner tables, and it is for us, to go around the table and share something for which we are grateful. This year, at age four, our grandson totally understood about gratitude and expressed his thankfulness so genuinely and sweetly. My heart melted at the innocence and wonder of his newly minted awareness of something so uplifting as gratitude. He encouraged us to clap for everyone after a gratitude and had us go around the table several times, as one expression of thanks was not enough. We all had smiles on our faces the entire time. I came away from that dinner with a lot to think about, thanks to a little four year old. 

Since this is a knitting blog I'll move right to this sweet little hat pattern which is free by the way! It comes in one size: toddler/pre-schooler, but see my note below to make a larger size. I love that it's knit in fingering weight yarn which makes it extra lightweight and not too warm. I used leftovers from past projects and I always appreciate a project that can bite away, even if only a tiny bit, at my stash. My grandson loves it and looks adorable in it. I made the hat longer by doing the decrease rows every 12 rows instead of every 10.  I also made my gauge looser at 28 sts per 4" rather than 30 and was able to block it a little wider to fit my grandson's larger noggin. My stripes are 4 rows wide. I think you could make this into a teen or adult size hat by casting on an extra 12 stitches. I'm guessing because I haven't tried it, but think it would work.

Nissehue, free pattern from Elsebeth Judith

My Ravelry project page for all the details

The gorgeous sweater was made earlier this year.

You can find the pattern here: Full Heart Pullover by Danielle Chalson

I always like to make at least one Christmas craft but this year I might go a bit overboard and make three or four. I have some ideas I want to try so get ready for some Christmas craft posts. Also, my house is decorated and it looks so pretty--that means a Christmas decorating post is coming soon too!

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