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September 14, 2021

Hello! Just popping in with a quick post to show a new colorful hat pattern that uses the terrifically fun mosaic colorwork technique. The pattern is just out today and uses light fingering weight yarn and is perfect for stash diving. I let my 4 year old grandson pick the colors from my stash and think he did a good job, and while I never would have gone this bold and bright, I do love them as combined they are supposed to resemble stained glass. The fun pattern comes in SEVEN sizes and is well written by a very lovely woman and a designer to watch. 

And before summer completely leaves us in a mere 7 days, I thought I should post pictures of my pretty flower border that is (still) chock full of gorgeous zinnias. I start all my zinnias by seed in my greenhouse in late winter. Starting by seed allows for the best variety. I get my seeds from different sources and already have a few packets of new-to-me zinnia varieties that I will try out next year. The seed catalogs start to come out in January and is something to look forward to after the holidays are over.

This bouquet shows the gorgeous faded quilt colors of the Queen Lime Series of zinnia.
 There are three colors in the series and I have all three: Queen Lime, QL Red, and QL Orange.
These are my favorite zinnias.

At the front of the border I have Pinwheel zinnias. They are prolific bloomers and
are only 12" tall. I have them in orange and cherry.

Queen Lime Zinnias in lime, red and orange

Cherry Pinwheel Zinnia

hello gorgeous

By mid summer the zinnias have come to their full beauty.
Pink hydrangeas are in the background.

White Shasta Daisies in the forefront. This picture and the following picture was
 taken early in summer, before the zinnias really took off!

But there is room in my flower border for other zinnia varieties as well.
 Below you can see some Fruit Bowl and State Fair Zinnias.

State Fair Zinnias

State Fair Zinnia

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  1. That is a lovely pattern and the hat looks so cute on you! Do you happen to have a scarf pattern to recommend, one that would go well with the hat? I’d like to knit a set to give as a gift. Thanks!

    1. I did a little Rav search for a shawl or scarf that uses slipped stitches to create a little window of color and here's what I found:
      Nightshift: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/nightshift
      Pressed Flowers: https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/pressed-flowers-3
      I'm actually surprised there weren't a LOT more! It's an easy pattern to adapt to a scarf and you can use any weight yarn. You'd have to make a swatch, block and measure it and then cast of the amount of stitches you'd need to make the size scarf you desire. Good luck--and it will be easier than you think.

    2. OMG Kristen, thank you! I didn’t mean for you to do the research, I had wondered if you had done anything that could work. I’ll check those patterns. I’m now knitting the decreases on the hat. That was a fun project!

  2. Kristen, thank you so much for including my design. It was so fun to work with you, and your blog is lovely. Your insights helped make write a much better pattern!

    1. Oh thank you! You ran a really pleasant test and I appreciated that, plus the hat was fun to make and wear!


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