My Easter table and a quick Easter craft

March 29, 2021


I woke up yesterday morning to see the sun shining so blindingly bright in my kitchen, I had to grab my phone to take a picture of the magnolia blossoms before a cloud rolled by and spoiled the look. It inspired me to set my Easter table and make a blog post. Over the weekend I made a quick little craft that was easy and fun and came out so cute.  My plan was to put the wood bead bunnies into plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt but I love them so much I decided to use them to decorate my Easter table. My grandson is spending the night tonight and I imagine when he sees them he'll want to play with them right away! The tutorial is at the end of this post. 

The flowers are helleborus and come from one plant that grows in the shade under my sewing room window.

I made the Easter egg tree this week with blown eggs from my neighbor's chickens. They are very prolific at this time of year and every week or so I wake up to find a dozen gorgeous eggs on my front porch. The colors don't show up that well but there are some blues and greens among the browns. She cannot give them to a more appreciative neighbor! I'll make sure she is supplied with flowers and tomatoes this summer. 

I've got some good posts coming up. This week I'll be making a stuffed felt lamb and Carter and I will be making Easter cookies and candy. Come back on Thursday for a new post. 

I'm also planning a luscious works-in-progress knitting post with some gorgeous yarn and new patterns.

We've been working super hard in the garden and things are really coming together. The weather has been gorgeous too so I'm hoping to have a good gardening post sometime in April.

Wood Bead Bunnies how-to 

It's as easy as it looks. I had all the supplies on hand but they are readily available at craft stores or online.

The heads were hot-glued to the body. I added a dab of white glue to the bead hole and poked the ears into the hole with a skewer. I ended up not using the sharpie for the eyes as it bled into the wood. Instead I used a wood skewer dipped in black acrylic paint and dotted on the eyes and nose. For the pink cheeks I used a Q-Tip dipped in water and a tiny dash of pink watercolor. I opted out of a mouth and instead made whiskers out of embroidery thread tied in a knot and attached them with a tiny dot of white glue. I meant to make a felt collar but remembered I had this awesome leaf ribbon and loved the way it looked.

Don't forget to add the bunny tails!

They turned out pretty darn cute.

I had to share this darling picture. If we are very good, after lunch we just might walk a few blocks away to The Sweet Shop.  The boys like to share a milkshake and both opt in on the sprinkles. I don't know who loves it more, Papa or Carter. This is our second year of celebrating Easter in a quiet way, and while last year I was in complete shock, this year I'm more resigned to it. My husband is fully vaccinated and I have had my first dose. After my second shot and the two week waiting period, we are looking forward to having more freedom to go out and about. We're hoping for some small overnight trips to the beach and wine country and some dinners out, outdoors of course. We've been super careful for 12 months as we are in a group considered to be high-risk, plus we babysit our grandson a few days a week while his mommy and daddy work from home, and we take that very seriously. Life. What will normal look like next year? It's anyone's guess.

I hope this post finds you enjoying spring weather, or at least the promise of enjoying it very soon! Thank you for popping in, and as always, wishing you the very very best. Kristen

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  1. Kristen, I always look forward to your gardening posts. I'm looking out the window at melting snow, so the promise of us enjoying spring weather is very close.

    1. Thank you so much for commenting. Our springs are early, summers long, and winters are short, so I have a lot of time to garden!

  2. Thank last picture! Makes my heart swell! Treasure these moments. They grow up too fast.

    1. I was talking to a friend about just that tonight. We treasure each moment as we know that all too soon he'll be more interested in being with his friends than spending time with us!

  3. Hi, Kristen! The photo with your husband and grandson is just so precious. That’s one of those for the wedding day mini movie! You guys will look back in these times and remember not the inconvenience and crazy associated with it, but the abundance of quiet moments afforded you to deeply connect. At least that’s my hope for you.

    You are so talented and creative on so many levels! Blown eggs? Handcrafted bunnies? Beautiful tablescape? Farming? All in a day’s work! I love the pink magnolia branches! I was just STRONGLY hinting once again to my husband last evening in our walk that we NEED at least one on our property. As response.๐Ÿ™„

    Happy, safe, and blessed Easter to you and your family!

    1. Hi Kristen,
      Your greenhouse looks so ready for spring. Love all those seedlings,


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