Valentine flower bombs for the neighborhood

February 12, 2021

Hello Valentines! We had fun this week. Our camellias are in beautiful, bountiful bloom so we made a Valentine flower heart near our front door. It was beautiful and were very happy to see that it stayed looking pretty for quite a few days. We decided we would bestow our special neighbors with Valentine flower hearts too.

Camellias drop their blossoms even while they are still looking pretty and fresh. We picked the blossoms off the ground from our five camellia bushes and set off to surprise our neighbors. We were very sneaky(ish) and quiet(ish), and quickly formed the flowers into heart shapes near their front door. We were done in a flash, then we rang the doorbell and scurried off to hide. When they opened the door they were so surprised! We jumped out to give them an even bigger surprise! Carter had so much fun and our neighbors loved it too so we decided we would do this again next week for our other favorite neighbors. 

Now I cannot wait for May Day!

xo Kristen

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  1. Love your idea of making a heart of flowers-did you utilize a wire frame & glue the petals?

    1. No, we just used placed them on the ground. They are temporary! Happy Valentines Day!

  2. That is so sweet. Reminds me of the Corpus Christi festival in Spello, Italy!


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