Love Note

February 26, 2020

My Love Note. ๐Ÿ’• It took me a wee while to jump on the bandwagon, but when I realized I had the yarn already in my stash and knowing Love Note would be a quickie, I did jump. The pattern IS a quickie for sure and very easy. The lace bit is a snap and would be ok for a beginner. I was in between a 34" and 38"; what I wanted was a perfect 36". I did not want the lace to stretch across my bust so had to have some positive ease but didn't want an oversized look either. I also did not want the lace to go down into the bust area. I cast on for a 38" and used the following modifications to achieve a 36".

The gauge was 16 sts. per 4" and by changing my gauge to 20 sts. per 4" I was able to tighten up the pattern (and tighten up the fabric too which I prefer). I also cast on less stitches at the sleeve separation. The neck is worked last. The sweater is knit top-down with a provisional cast on. When the sweater is finished, you pick up the neck stitches and customize away, creating a wide neck or crew neck or anything in between. To achieve a crew neck I knit two rounds, then worked a few sets of German short rows at the back to raise the back neck, then knit a few more rounds making decreases (at first I made too many and I couldn't get it over my head!) then knit my k1, p1 ribbing. I was chilly when I was knitting the neck and felt I wanted my neck to be nice and warm. If I decide later to make it a bit more open and wide, it will be an easy fix. I'll wear it a time or two before I decide. I also added length to the sleeves and body.

As per pattern I held two yarns together, a lace weight and a fingering weight. The lace was a frothy strand of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Cream. The fingering was Tusken Knits Fife in the pinky color, Cordelia. It has waves of mottled color with splotches of a blacky-brown. Adding the KSH softened the colors and gave the fabric a hazy pink sky effect. The two worked beautifully together, but then again, adding KSH to any yarn is a good thing! 

Sending love out to my readers. I hope you are having a good good day! xo Kristen

purchase Love Note pattern by Tin Can Knits here or here
purchase Tusken Knits Yarn here

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  1. Your sweater turned out beautifully! ❤️

    1. Thank you Tina. So nice of you to make a comment.

  2. Thank you for the great notes. I, too, was late to this project. Bought the yarn for it at VKL and then couldn't remember why... I lost my motivation on it. Thanks for bringing it back - that's exactly it - the lace needs to land higher. Thanks so much!

    1. Thank you MadMad. You'll love knitting it I'll bet. I have casted on for a second!

  3. You look lovely. How clever to knit such a complicated pattern. I am a kntter, started at 9 years and now I am 71 and still knitting.
    Best wishes from Victoria from Australia

    1. Thank you Victoria. Love that you got hooked on knitting at 9! I also started early, mostly knitting doll rugs and doll blankets. In high school I knit my boyfriend a bright yellow, probably scratchy, too short scarf. He was so flattered but cannot ever remember him wearing it!

  4. It is so nice, Kristen! Definitely I like it and will try to repeat this. Thank you one more time.


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