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December 10, 2019


I'm so happy with this bright and scrappy sweater. I used the free raglan sweater pattern generator from Knitting Fool that is available here. You can read what I previously wrote about the pattern here, but basically it's a web site where you enter your yarn gauge and the sweater size you want to knit and it conjures up a basic, no frills pattern which is all I needed. It's a very cool site.

I have a few tips for using scraps of different yarns in one sweater: Do make sure the yarns achieve the same gauge with the same needle. And do make sure they all have the same washing care instructions. You can mix wools and cottons and blends, but if one of your stripes is hand wash, that makes the entire sweater hand wash or you might have a little felted stripe in the middle of your sweater. I know this first hand! My Ravelry page is here.

You know I knit a LOT of sweaters for my grandson. Here's why: 1: He looks darling in them and is a perfect model. (This time I bribed him with a cookie. Worked great.) 2: Most of them are knit with scraps and I feel good about using up yarn in my stash. 3: They are fast to make so it's pretty close to instant gratification as you'll get in knitting. But the biggest reason is 4: He tells me he loves me and loves the sweaters and says they are nice and soft and that I am nice too. And then he kisses me. This kid is killing me! But if I'm honest I know it won't be long before the sweet two year old grows up and wants to wear Spiderman sweatshirts and all that awful stuff. So until then I'm taking advantage of his sweater adoration.

Below are pictures of Carter's own corner in our family room. This past summer we brought down all of our son's and daughter's toys (Carter's daddy and aunt) from the attic. They are definitely old school; no flashing lights or techno sounds in the lot. I cleaned out the cupboards that previously held our Christmas things, (and while I was at it, I purged unloved and unused Christmas stuff and reorganized and rearranged them in another cupboard.) Now these cupboards hold his daddy's collection of Brio trains and track which we all still love to play with. There's quite a bit of vintage Fisher Price Little People in the cupboard too. Can you spot the barn at the end in the corner? So cute. I remember getting it at a garage sale 35 years ago and even at that time it was considered vintage. So many cute toys in a happy, sunny corner. It makes my heart sing to have them loved again.

We had him for a sleepover last night and today when mommy came to pick him up, I kissed him in his carseat to say goodbye and he asked, "Can I come again another day?" I almost died. yes yes yes. Heart melt.

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  1. I just today discovered your projects and your blog. What a find!! I am the Grammy of four boys and they make my heart melt just like yours does. I was all prepared to have granddaughters and sew and knit for their dolls, but I wouldn't trade one of my boys for anything. I'm older, I'm sure, than you as mine are 20, 19, 18 and 9, but they are still my sweethearts!

    By the way, can you tell me where to get those heavy goblets your have with your Christmas table setting?

    1. Thank you so much. You have just made my DAY!

      You are so lucky to have four grandsons. Aren’t boys just the best? Your family sounds lovely.

      As for the goblets, do you mean the bees? They are French but are easily purchased here in the states. Here’s a link to get you started on your search. I have them in every size and they are our every day glasses. They rarely break and never chip and they are pretty (plus inexpensive!)

      Best, Kristen


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