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April 24, 2019

I just might love organizing my knitting projects as much as I love knitting them. It's something I do every few months and usually comes with a new season. Spring and summer knitting has begun in earnest! Below I gathered up fingering weight pastels; some beautiful leftovers, tiny mini skeins from Canon Hand Dyes and the yarn I received from Alicia Paulson's Advent Calendar. I put them in color families and think they would make awesome baby and children's sweaters.

Diving deep into my stash I found some Rowan 4ply Cotton. I plan to pair it with Kidsilk Haze to make an ice-cream colored striped sweater for me. One day. No hurry.

I finally found a pattern for my 5 skeins of Dovestone Aran. I'll set this aside for fall.

I lined up my Destination Yarns mini skeins for a future So Faded pullover. I'll probably set this aside for fall too.

Kidsilk Haze Vintage in a beautiful mid blue for a cardigan. I hear Rowan is coming out with a Cashmere Haze! Dying!
Now I'm coming to the things I'd like to get done this summer. Five adult sweaters seems a bit ambitious and I'm not all that certain I'll get them done. I've got two sweaters for Carter I'd like to make for his July birthday as he's starting pre-school this year. I've also got an idea for a sweet romper as I fear he'll be too old to wear them soon. Sigh. The last one is my new movie knit.
A new cotton yarn for Rowan this year, Denim Revive.
I always need a new white summer sweater. This is Seclude by Alicia Plummer, a simple V neck in Creative Linen.

A little romper for Carter.

Another Seacoast for me with a super favorite yarn, Cotton Cashmere. I'll be wearing this one soon I hope.

Swooning over this color. Don't know what it will be, but I'll be wearing whatever it will be this summer.
This gorgeous color! I got this yarn from a yarn swap from a fellow Rowan lover. I swapped some Mohair Haze for this Cotton Lustre. I have enough for a summer Weekender.

A "starting pre-school this fall" cardigan for Carter. Something preppy maybe.

A summer Flax for Carter.

Lastly, I finally found the perfect project for my Clara CVM Romeldale yarn. A simple garter shawl for movie knitting.
Summer knitting is the best!
I hope you have some great projects in your bag that will keep you busy all summer long!

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  1. They all sound beautiful. For some reason I always feel like knitting in summer too. Maybe it's all those lazy days? Chloe

    1. I don't understand when knitters say they don't knit in summer!

  2. What pattern are you using for the simple garter shawl, please?


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