family of Merry Christmas hats

December 14, 2017

Last weekend I took pictures of the kids for their first family Christmas card. (Be still my heart!) To get the baby to look up, my husband was behind me madly waving a little toy and making crazy faces. (I'm sorry we didn't think to play peek-a-boo because he thinks that game is totally funny.) And all this had to happen at top speed of course. After an exhausting 5 minutes we managed to get a slew of adorable pictures to commemorate Carter's first Christmas.

The kids love their little family of hats and the pattern is FREE!
Mrs. Claus Boxy Hat by Stephanie Lotven.
I would say it runs a little large, and as you'd suspect, it's a very fast knit.

I used the soft and lovely (and widely available) Rowan Handknit Cotton.
I make perfect pom poms with this pom pom maker.
Here's my Ravelry project page

I'm wondering how you're all doing with your Christmas knitting? Besides these hats I've finished three other gifts and still have two to go. They're both started and I feel pretty good about the deadline being 1 1/2 weeks away but still wish I had started earlier.  I always wish that!

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  1. Happy 1st Christmas to Carter! No wonder he is so cute--look at his parents! Love his sweet smile.

  2. Gorgeous family, that baby is darling! M

  3. Kristen, you have a very cute family. Best wishes for a happy Christmas!

    1. Thank you! Last year when we were decorating the tree we kept saying, "Gosh, we'll have a baby to celebrate with next Christmas!" and here he is! Merry Christmas to you too and thank you.


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