The Alaskan Pullover

March 09, 2017

I'm over the moon in love with my newest knit, the Alaskan Pullover by Ainur Berkimbayeva.  It's so perfectly adorably chic!  I made the 2 year size for my newest grandchild, a little boy to be born in early July.  Aha!  So that's why I've been knitting more baby knits than usual!  In fact, I've made so many baby sweaters, I had to start knitting into years 2 and 3. My friends tease me and tell me this is going to be the warmest baby in the world.  But I'm having sooooo much fun knitting and dreaming--and in every stitch there is a little prayer, a little wish, and a whole lotta love.  Oh sigh.  This grandmother business is divine.

I showed this to my son, and immediately he said, "I want one too!"  I told the designer and she said, "Ha!  My husband also wants one!"  She has plans in the works for an adult version of the Alaskan Pullover. I'm sure I'll be making a few more for the adults around here, because my daughter-in-law also wants one. Ainur has kindly offered my readers a discount on her pattern--use coupon code alaska25 for 25% off through March 12. I highly recommend the pattern--excellent instructions, easy to knit, and in the end you'll have this adorable baby sweater.  The pattern is sized 6 mos. to 12 years, is knit top down entirely in garter stitch, and uses an easy slip stitch technique to create the totem style design.  The hem is shaped using wrap and turns.

I used the extremely lovely Rowan Softyak DK, a lux blend of 76% cotton, 15% yak, and 9% nylon. It has a chainette construction, is machine washable, very easy to knit, not needle fussy in the least, creates an even fabric, is extremely soft and well-priced.  I can't say enough about this yarn and am stockpiling it for some future projects.  I love it.

When we found out the kids were going to have a baby, we began to pull down old boxes of baby clothes and toys.  I let them go through them and said, "Whatever you want, take, what you don't want, I'll donate."  When my son saw the monkey, he said, "Awww, you saved Cujo!"  It was a favorite baby toy but he couldn't say Curious George and somehow it came out Cujo.  Old Cujo has no less than 6 repairs on him, poor guy, but I ran him through the washing machine and he looks like he's ready to pal around with a new boy. 

The Alaskan Pullover by Ainur Berkimbayeva
(use coupon code alaska25 for 25% off through March 12)

My Ravelry project page has all the details.

There is a darling matching pants pattern too, and it's in my queue.

Softyak DK is a very popular Rowan core yarn and can be
purchased at many fine knitting stores and online at:

The sock monkey was handmade by a friend's grandma 33 years ago.
The original sock and pattern can be found here.  
Scroll down to download the free pattern, but first read the story.
I can't imagine a childhood without a sock monkey!

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Happy knitting!
xoxo Kristen


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  1. So beautifully knit!

  2. Love, love the sweater, and the monkey. My mother-in-law made many a monkey, while living at Pilgrim Haven, years ago......

  3. Oh that's adorable,I want one for me too!

  4. Beautiful knit and beautiful pictures!

  5. That sweater is adorable! I've been wondering what to knit for my grandson who turns one next month, and now I know!

  6. Great job on the pullover. I love red and grey together. The red pops against the garter stitch.

    1. Thank you. I was really happy with the color choice and now I can't seem to imagine it in any other color!

  7. That is such a cute sweater for a little boy (and hopefully and grown up one too). I have to totally agree with you about everything you say about Softyak yarn. I can't praise it enough. I made a sweater for my sister in it last year and I hope to knit one for myself in it this year. Exciting news too with a new addition to your family on the way. ��

  8. Congratulations on your happy news! The good times are just beginning for your family!

  9. This is the cutest sweater I've seen in ages. I'm glad to hear that it will be in adult sizes soon.

    1. Thank you. It will make a great adult sweater.


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