if snow came down in colors

December 22, 2016

If snow came down in colors
How splendid it would be,
To make bright, jolly snowmen
For everyone to see.

My Button Snowman tutorial from two years ago has been my most popular post this December. I never know why a post will suddenly take off, especially a years old one.  I heard from one reader that she was going to make some colorful snowmen, so I decided to lift that idea and snuck into my sewing room last night to make these cuties. If you have some restless kids to keep busy for an hour or two, plus a few buttons, tiny seed beads, and felt, I think you'll have some fun making these.  The original tutorial is here.  Merry Christmas dear readers!  (I'm sorry, I don't know the source of the children's poem.)

You can see that the glue on the backs are not completely dry yet, but it will dry clear.
How to make Button Snowmen.
I'll be back tomorrow with my last knitted gift--for a baby and it's darling.

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  1. What a fun project to do with my grandchildren. I think you could not add the hooks and they would make fun little people to play with. We try not to buy so many toys and prefer to help our young grandchildren use their imaginations to make their own play things. I love this idea!

    1. Thank you, and what an excellent idea. I know children love to play with little things they have made. You've given me an idea!

  2. Adorable! You always devise the cleverest ornaments!


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