Christmas Candy

November 17, 2016

Our favorite Christmas candy is almost goof-proof!  But like all candy, it requires a wee bit of attention, but not for long.  While it takes less than 20 minutes to make, I only make it two times a year; once the week before Thanksgiving, and again the week before Christmas.  My husband loves this stuff so much that, even though he is normally the most generous guy, sharing this candy turns him into the Grinch.  If I put some out for guests, he'll say, "Do you have to share it? You know we're getting low.  Can't they have something else?"  He knows that when it's gone, there won't be anymore until next year.  My trick to make it last throughout the entire holiday season is this:  I store it in a container that's difficult to open.  I also store it way out of sight, as in you'll have to use a step-stool and a flash light to retrieve it.  In this way, while it's not exactly out of mind, it is out of sight! My poor husband gets so sad, when in mid-January, he reaches in for the last piece.  He'll sigh and say, "Maybe you'll make some more?"  And I'll say, "OK, hon, maybe."  But we both know that's a lie.  It will be 11 months before it appears again.

Salty Chocolate Toffee
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