Finally, a sweater named after me!

June 16, 2016

Here we are, Jessica and I, modeling my namesake, Kristen.  I know that Kim Hargreaves doesn't know me from Adam, but in my fantasy, she has named this pretty sweater for me.  After all, it's knit with Kidsilk Haze, and who likes this yarn more than me?  Plus, it's just the style I like: simple and elegant with a little shaping and a pretty neckline.  When I picked up Embrace, the Kim book this is in, and saw this sweater on the cover I said, "making it", and then gasped when I opened the book and saw the name!  That was it.  Everything else had to be put aside so I could head right over to my local yarn store to purchase the yarn.  I have my priorities.

The color is Peacock, a special edition color designed by a Rowan fan and contest winner of a "design a color" contest held last year.  Same thing--when I saw this color and after swooning a bit, I said, "buying it".  If you want some KSH in Peacock, go on a search now, because it's a special edition yarn and won't be around forever.

Many thanks to Jessica, my adorable neighbor and model who will be a high school senior this fall.  It's nice to have someone across the street who will come over and play dress up with me! We styled it with one of my leopard print skits (ONE of, as I have three leopard print skirts!).  I have to tell you though, and perhaps you might guess, but we look a little bit different in the identical outfit.  On 5"10" Jessica, the skirt is just above the knee, but on her 5'2" neighbor, the skirt falls mid-calf!  (There are other differences too, but ahem, I'll be gentle with myself.) She models my sweaters so beautifully and shows them off so well, but I think it's also good to know what the sweater looks like on the person for whom it was made, thus my grainy computer pictures.  The links are at the end of the post.  xoxo, Kristen

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My Ravelry project page

Kim Hargreaves book, Embrace

I hope you can find Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Peacock at your lys,
but if not, I found it online at


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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you. The color name is great too: peacock!

  2. Love this! And it's about time KH named a sweater after you! ;-) I think it's such a great idea to show your sweaters both on you and on Jessica. I loved the way you styled this one, especially your necklace!

    1. Love this! And it's about time KH named a sweater after you! ;-) (I know, right?)

      Thanks, Gail!

  3. So gorgeous on both of it!!

  4. Love, love, love it Kristen!!! You both look fabulous modeling and could easily be mother and daughter. I also love kidsilk and knit at least 1 project a year using it, although typically a shawl. Maybe this year it will be a "Kristen" sweater!

  5. Hard to tell who is who ! The sweater is gorgeous and I will get the pattern. I carry the yarn in my shop and am quite sure I have that gorgeous colour : )
    Fun knowing you are the same size as a teenager!

  6. Beautiful sweater, beautiful ladies. Double winner.


  7. You look fabulous, Kristen and 3 cheers for still wearing the same size as a hgh school senior. Chloe


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