Easter Bunny treat bags

March 07, 2016

I'm here today to share a quickie little Easter crafty--a knock-off of some awfully cute treat bags I fell in love with in a shop.  I didn't like their colors so decided to come home and make my own from memory.  They are not exactly the same as I made some shortcuts, but they are still darn cute.

The fabric needs a bit of body but can't be too stiff. I used a very soft felt--I think the stiff acrylic felt you find in the big box craft stores would be too stiff, but you could try it.  I imagine you could also use a firm woven fabric and pink the edges.  I'm thinking that some designer fabric samples would work for this (if you collect them like I do).  Perhaps burlap?

I don't have a pattern to share, but you won't need one.  You can see in the pictures below that the bunny bag is approximately 6 in. square and the ears are 4.5 in. long.  Cut out two felt pieces like the one below and begin your sewing about 1.5 in. up from the top of the head on the inside of the ear.  Sew up to the ear tip, down the sides, across the bottom, up the other side to the tip of the next ear, then down the inside of the ear and stop at the matching 1.5 in. mark.  I used fabric glue to affix the inner ear pieces and used a fine-point black Sharpie to draw the face.  Because the felt is difficult to draw on to, I found it easier to make tiny dots of color to draw the features, rather than trying to draw a continuous line.  The last step is to stitch a heavy string about 12 in. long to the top center of the back for a tie.

These were made in a snap and make me smile!

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  1. super cute! I'm glad they make you smile, but surely anyone to get one of those treat bags will be tickled pink as well. so cute!

    1. Thank you! I ended up making one more and giving them to my girlfriend for her five grandchildren. I really just wanted to make them but didn't know how I would use them!

  2. What a clever idea! These are adorable!!!!


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