April 23, 2015

Well over half of our roses are blooming now,
with the others following in a week or so. 
Look at them!

Lovely Anja, AKA IamSnowfox, one of the German Rowan Ambassadors is visiting California and is with us for the week.  She cannot get over our beautiful weather and beautiful roses!  Here she is with my son, who is over 6' tall, so you can see how very big this rose trellis is!  These two found they had a lot in common and ended up spending a lot of time with each other!  We're all going to miss her!

Climbing Eden, lovely frangrace and perfect form.

Two more pictures of Climbing Eden.
These pictures were taken over a week in my garden.

I'll share another picture of Climbing Blaze next week, when it's in FULL bloom!  Here it's just started.

Happy Chappy is a great ground cover rose, but here it is trained as a tree.

Cottage Maid, David Austin, also fragrant.  I picked this one to sit at my desk with me.

Gertrude Jekyll, a David Austin with an extreme apple/rose fragrance.  If I put a small bouquet in our bedroom, we'll come in at night and the entire room will smell of roses!
Gertrude Gekyll again.

Graham Thomas is lightly fragrant, massive and bushy, with glossy leaves. 

A David Austin, but I don't have the name.  It's beautifully fragrant with a tight crimp of petals.
Pink Peace Roses has massive blooms.

Iceberg is one heck of a rose.  It's a repeat bloomer that just won't stop!

And then I picked a fragrant bouquet!


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  1. I wanna come live with you! beautiful garden

  2. Good Evening Kristen, Each year I love seeing your beautiful roses..... they are stunning. The air in garden must smell beautiful at the moment..... I cannot wait for my roses to grow.
    Best Wishes

  3. oh my, Kristen - what a show! I wish I could see them in person, too (or maybe just smell them?)!

  4. Yes, are you taking exchange "students" from MN? Your garden is a dream!

  5. Absolutely beautiful! The David Austin's remind me of peonies.


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