that time of year again

August 13, 2014

You'll never have to guess when it's time to dry hydrangeas, they'll let you know.  They turn from the brightest pink to dusty pink.  Maybe they'll go lilac, maybe lime tinged with pink.  As they lose their pigment, some may even go spotty.   But they will be a dusty version of what they were in spring.  The blossoms start to feel a bit papery, even a little leathery.  They're done growing and intend to show off their fall colors which makes it the perfect time to dry them. 

The time to pick hydrangeas for drying happened early this year, even in California when everything in the garden seems to happen at warp speed anyway, this is still extremely early.  Maybe our drought is the reason?  Maybe I need to remind my garden it's still summer.

Drying them couldn't be easier.  After picking trim off all the green leaves.  Place them in a vase less than half full of tap water.  Give them some space and leave them alone, they will look pretty as they dry.  In a few weeks the water will have evaporated and your hydrangeas will be dry and ready for fall arrangements.  They're pretty.


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  1. These are so beautiful...They don't thrive here in the desert but if they did I would want to dry then and display them just as you have.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this. I adore hydrangeas. After this very cold winter in Rhode Island, we are lucky to have our hydrangeas. We almost thought that 2 of ours did not survive. Blooms this sear have been sparse because of the severe winter.

  3. These are just beautiful when they are dried. I've seen them before but didn't know it was that easy. Now just have to find me a hydrangea bush!

  4. Your hydrangeas are beautiful. Thanks for the hints on how to dry them.


  5. No kidding, they're pretty!!! Some of nature's finest specimens! It's amazing how they just kind of do their own thing, know when to darken up. I didn't know the drying process was so easy. That makes them even more desirable in my book!!!

    I like the way you chose to display them. I've always admired that area of your home, and you always know just how to spiff it up no matter the season!

    Have a wonderful weekend, and enjoy nature's bounty!


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