the garden today

June 05, 2014



Yesterday we worked most the day in the garden.  We removed the fennel and sweet peas which had both gone to seed.  Weeded.  Of course.  Dead headed most of the roses, an enormous job that couldn't be done in one day.  Pruned and staked.  The hydrangeas, my husband's favorite flower, are taking up center stage and making a plenty big showy show.  That purple and white splish splashed dahlia is the the first to bloom from a small patch of a half dozen dahlias.  They were planted years ago and without fail reappear every year to grow huge, look beautiful and provide us with enormous bouquets.  Back in the veg garden we planted another few rows of carrots and scallions.  You'll notice my vegetable beds are fairly small.  For the most part I can perch in the walkway and reach into the middle of each one to weed and harvest.  My husband and son put the boxes in years ago, along with a sophisticated drip system to make watering a little easier.  I picked some veggies and made soup, and that included two heads of garlic!  It was good.  Remember that I'm trying to grow pears in a bottle?  We started with 3 and had one fatality, but think the other two look really healthy!  I finished the afternoon by taking pictures, then came out this morning and took more.   Today I am taking the day off garden work and just enjoying it's beauty.  Hope you too are having a day filled with beauty!


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  1. Oh my! I'm so very envious of your beautiful garden. I love gardens but gardening...not so much! Yours is simply wonderful.

  2. I've been looking forward to seeing another photo of the pear in the bottle. What are you going to do with it?
    The garden looks beautiful.


  3. So beautiful! I love your garden posts!

  4. What a wonderful garden! There are so many amazing highlights. Of course the pear in the bottle and the wonderful flwers, but also your vegetable looks wonderful!


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