Eclipse for the holidays

October 30, 2013

Kidsilk Haze Eclipse is what happens when you let Liberace loose on your chic Kidsilk Haze.  With the aid of a single metallic thread, KSH goes from her demure self to all shiny and shamelessly showy Las Vegas showgirl.  That's why I love it so much.  I like shiny.  In the past Rowan has reworked KSH into a few different incarnations, all the while keeping the original of course.  But it's fun to change things up a bit with a twist.  For those of you who remember Kidsilk Night, it's similar, but even MORE shiny.  I'm knitting Luna as fast as I can to get this done by December when I think shiny wear should be my daily dress code. 

Gold beading on the cast on edge gives the lacy ruffle a bit of weight.  The color is Virgo.

Luna by Kim Hargreaves from Cherished.

Lace detail with beading on hem ruffle and cuffs.

Kidsilk Haze Eclipse is a blend of Mohair: 66%, Silk: 27%, Polyester: 4%, Nylon: 3% and is hand wash.  It knits up similar to KSH as 18-25 stitches per 4 inches.  I don't have to tell my long time readers how much I love KSH in any form or fashion, because, oh man, I do love this stuff.  When I post my finished project I'll share some knitting tips to help you work with this fine yarn. 

Here's the links:

Are you knitting anything special for the holidays?
A half dozen inspired knits from the Rowan designers using KSH Eclipse.

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  1. Oh my gosh Kristen - this is going to be STUNNING! Knit faster :)

  2. All right. You win for most dazzlingly beautiful WIP of the year.

  3. wow those are stunning simply beautiful, loved seeing the beautiful sweater and loved the photography

  4. Shinier than Kidsilk Night? Awesome!

  5. The product is beautiful, but your verbage makes it happen. You should be the highest paid person at Rowan.

  6. I love the lace peplum with beading. It will be beautiful.

  7. This is going to look sooo beautiful Kristen. Can't wait to see it complete!

  8. I agree with Anne ... it is going to be gorgeous and please do knit faster :)


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