Christmas At My House, part 5, The Tree and San Francisco Village

December 13, 2012

My fifth and last Christmas decorating post and I'm sure I've saved the best for last.  
This year we decided to get a smaller 6 1/2' fake tree and put it on a 54" round table we keep in our living room.  Our large tree usually goes in the corner by the fireplace but we just couldn't bear all the furniture re-arranging that it required.  I love all the Christmas decorating, you know I do, but a simpler version of a Christmas tree is best for this year.   And the best part, there is plenty of room underneath to house our beautiful San Francisco Village.

I love glass ornaments and most of ours are Christopher Radko.
At the top is a signed Radko gingerbread tree, motorcycle riding Santa to the right and a glass cottage below.

This glass Christopher Radko elephant was given to my son by my mother.  It is signed and dated by Radko.

Another Christopher Radko, I love this American Indian!
I've made many ornaments over the years.  I love the Raggedy Ann and Andy, a Bucilla kit from the 80's.

I've made all our dogs a mini needlepoint stocking.  Woody was the dog we got when we first married.

I purchased the village after Christmas in 1986 from an antique mall in Burlingame, a suburb just south of San Francisco.  The salesman told me it was hand made in the 1940's by a man and his daughter brought it in to sell it, very sad she chose not to keep it!  The homes and buildings are replicas of the family's neighborhood in San Francisco, which I think is the Sunset or Richmond district, but I'm not certain.  If anyone could give me a clue I would be grateful.  It once had dozens of churches and public buildings which were individually sold and were long gone by the time I saw it, so sad for me!

The salesman thought this important building was a school, but the only thing I could find that looks remotely like it is the San Francisco Law School.  I doubt it's a church but if yes, possibly St. Peter and Paul's Church or St. Ignatius?  Again, I am stumped and any help would be so appreciated.

I think the bandstand gets it inspiration from the 1905 Bandstand in Golden Gate Park.

The workmanship is perfection.  Tiny elements on every building looks like it was lovingly executed by a lover of detail and artistry.  I feel so lucky to have it, and each December when I take it out, my heart does a little flip flop.  There are some broken bits here and there but I have put repairs off year after year and seem to have put it off for another year!

My tinsel is real metal tinsel from Germany saved year after year.  It's sturdy and shiny!

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  1. I really enjoyed your Christmas posts Kristen! You have a wonderful collection of decorations (especially the Radko!). The San Francisco village is priceless, and was a lucky find. I love that you made little stockings for your dogs. Happy Holidays!

  2. Woow your christmas tree is amazing..:) Really amazing and I like all your ornaments so so much.. Very shiny decoration..:))
    Best best wishes...

  3. This is just TOO COOL!!!! I feel you on the lack of enthusiasm for rearranging the furniture. That's what kept me from doing a few things this year, too. Maybe next year...or not! :-) Your glass ornaments are cool, and I really like the Raggedys!!! What a cool idea to elevate the tree on an existing table!!! Have a good weekend!!!

  4. Such a gorgeous tree Kristen. I love the ornaments....You have quite the collection. The way you surrounded the tree with the little house is charming and so magical.

  5. I love all of your decorations and rooms Kristen but this post is my favorite. The Tree looks wonderful on the table and of course I love C. Radiko ornaments as you and Sammy have some of mine and if you remember every Thanksgiving for awhile I would buy you, Sammy and Christy a Radido Ornament and stand in line at Geery's in Beverly Hills for him to sign some of them but you were only allowed to get one done at a time.

    Just Beautiful and your decorations all thru out are wonderful to look at.......

  6. WOW Kris! Just Beautiful! And I'm with you...too bad the daughter didn't want to keep the village her Dad made...but you obviously appreciate it so I am glad you were able to get it. Off to check out your other Christmas posts. Love you and have a wonderful Christmas!

  7. Found you from Susan's link party. Your work is lovely! I wish I could have glass ornaments in my home, but my 3 kiddos would put an end to that! Thanks for Sharing
    Jessica @ A Humble Creation

  8. Kristen, your home is such a treat to "visit" ~ so beautifully decorated!!! I have just a few of the Christopher Radko ornaments and they are my favorites too ~ thank you for sharing your holiday home with us :))) PS that sweater is fabulous ~ I may have to add that to my Santa wish list ~

  9. I love all your posts about xmass decorating! Happy holidays!

  10. Spectacular tree with the pretty village around it. Love the added tinsel. Reminds me of my grandmother's tree when I was little.


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