Cozy Capelet

November 03, 2011

I knit the super fast Noelle Capelet last month but forgot to share it with you, the weather was so nice I just put it away.  Today was the perfect day to pull it out, chilly and rainy and ideal for my Lima Capelet.

I love the versatility of these little capelets.  I think they are easy to wear and nice to pop on for some quick and stylish warmth!

I used the beautiful Rowan Lima in a light brown, color #888.  Lima is worsted weight and has a chain construction out of baby alpaca and merino wool.  It's lofty and lovely to knit up.

I have used Lima previously for the Hourglass Sweater (GREAT pattern!!!)  Only after just a few wears the sweater grew in length and I had to pass it on to my daughter who after a year gave it back to me.  It's still in great shape and I was able to thread a thin elastic into the neck hem and bring it back up to the correct size.

So, knowing that, I would not use this yarn for something that has to really "fit".  But the yarn is so soft and lofty and warm that I knew I would be OK with this capelet.  If it grows it won't matter.

Really must make Hourglass again, but right now I'm finishing two projects (Water's Edge and a shawl) and started a third, (Creature Comforts Cardi out of Kid Classic) and have several Christmas gifts started or in my head.  I will be posting another project very soon, until then, happy knitting!

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  1. love your capelet and I agree about lima - as pretty and soft as it is, it's "accessory yarn", not good for sweaters!

  2. The caplet is very nice! I was thinking of knitting one, and now will be even more inclined to do so. As always, thanks so much for sharing and inspiring!!

  3. I've never checked out the Rowan Lima, but your post makes me want to! Super cute capelet, and such a pity your beautiful hourglass sweater grew :-(

  4. Thanks for sharing. Am making the large and just finished the last increase 11 times. Am confused wiht next directions - knit 1 round, purl 1 round till capelet meas 39 inches. Doesn't make sense. Shouldn't I continue kniting without increase?

  5. I am trying to make this capelet but I can't seem to even get started. I am making the XL and it says cast on 116 sts and I am down to the increase (sizes M, L, XL only. If I am reading this correctly I should have 144 sts after I do this. I don't
    The way I read is rib 12st M1. across and that is not 144sts. I am in the US and not really use to UK pattern.

  6. I'm having difficulty with the UK style pattern could you Help?


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