Catch Up

October 19, 2011

A bit of a catch up post with lots of bits I've been doing and thinking about.

First is my living room fabric.  SO EXCITED!  Monday was spent in the city at the Design Center with my decorator.  About half way though the long day I saw this medallion fabric and did a complete 180 (I had been thinking popsicle colors)  and knew I had to have it for my wing chairs.  In case you can't really tell from the photo, the greeny color is like an acidy bile-ish citrusy straw.  Sounds yummy, right?  It is!  I'm hoping we can do the walls in that color.  The other fabrics were chosen for the sofas, pillows and dining room chairs.  Don't know exactly where everything will go but thinking the sofas will be the solid Michael S. Smith linen in smoke, a deep charcoaly, smoky navy, just gorgeous.  The other fabrics are some equally gorgeous Rose Tarlow linens and that fabulous medallion fabric is from Plumwich, hand blocked on thick nubby linen.  I know I am throwing around these designer names as though I am totally familiar with them, but I had never heard of these talented people until a few days ago.   Thank heavens for a designer who can pull all this off, I would be lost on my own.  This is very exciting for me.  What do you think?????

Say goodbye to old sewing room color, baby blue is being replaced by Sweet Butter.  The painters are in there now and there's no turning back.  I have spent a lot of time last week going through the years of crafty stuff and have been proud of all the editing I've been able to accomplish.  I know I haven't shared this room with you yet so after a coat of paint and a good clutter cleansing, it should be a good time to give you a tour.  It won't surprise you if I told you I love every minute I get to be in here.

Next up is this sweet Tiny Tea Leaves made for my little granddaughter who will be 11 this week.  This is a fun knit, my third one so I must really love it.  Knit up with 4 skeins of Madeline Tosh Vintage worsted in color Georgia O'Keefe, a teal green.  (Yarn color names and nail polish color names, aren't they the best?)  The wool is machine washable, and please don't tell me what they have to do to it to make it that way, probably the worst chemical process imaginable.

The skeins even though from the same dye-lot are inconsistent in color, frustrating.  I hate to alternate skeins so don't think this yarn will work for me again.  I know Annie won't mind or even notice.  She loves green and looks beautiful in it.  Ravelry link here.

It's pumpkin time again.  How about some velvet pumpkins?  I saw this beautiful set-up in Alabasta, a little shop downtown.  If you want to make them, there are tutorials all over the web, this one is the prettiest.  I think the key is to use real silk velvet, not rayon and also use real pumpkin stems, not twigs.  And to have TONS of them.

Thank you for all your kind well wishes for my husband's recovery from his surgery.  He is doing very well, and this Friday he will be 4 weeks out.

Love my blog-time, thank you for reading.

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  1. Wow, Kristen! Gorgeous fabrics! I hope we get a tour of the living room too, when it's complete!

    Love your little Tea Leaves cardi too :-)

  2. Beautiful fabrics, Kristen! I love decorating. Good luck with your living room, I am sure it will be beautiful!
    The pumpkins are so cute!

  3. I think they're fabulous (big surprise!)

  4. I enjoy your blog. Thank you for always being so generous in sharing.

    The fabrics are lovely for your living room. I have one concern: is linen strong enough for the amount of use your living room gets? Determine how many rubs, which will be on the fabric label, to understand the wearability of a fabric; my guess is linen is so low there is no number, but that is only a guess.

  5. Beautiful Fabrics and not what I pictured you to pick out. Can hardly wait to see it all finished. Good for Terry as he is doing so well in his recovery. Annie will love her sweatef..

  6. Your fabric choices look wonderful! I hate doing things like that. I think all the choices overwhelm me ;). I need to redo our living room -- it's suffering from years of cat, dog, and man abuse.
    Love the Tiny Tea Leaves! Did you have trouble with the neck being too big on your little? The one I made Chloe kept falling off her little shoulders - must have just been my loose knitting -- maybe?
    Blessings K,

  7. Hi Gigi

    I know what you mean about the loose neck and I had the same problem with the last one I made for Annie. This time I CO a few stitches less, can't remember as I rarely take notes, and then added them back on the last garter stitch portion so my stitch count was the same as the pattern when I finished the yoke section. I also one did set of short rows on the first garter stitch portion. This yarn is more springy and I hope that will help keep it on her shoulders too.

    I think many people have had the same problem, esp. with the tiny tea leaves. I think I will note this on my Ravelry page.

    Best, Kristen

  8. I'm sorry, but I thought that medallion fabric was a beach towel thrown across the back of the chair at first. I don't care for that at all, and to be quite honest, it seems it would be something you would grow tired of very quickly. You asked if we liked it-sorry to say the truth.

    I think the other things will be gorgeous. Just love the greenish color!

  9. I hope it looks better in person, maybe it doesn't photograph well!

  10. what a beautiful decorating eye you the knit..and the velvet pumpkins,too :)


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