gnomes, a baker's dozen

January 12, 2011

Have your corks been complaining about the cold weather? Well, there is a remedy.
While reading this blogger friend's post, I got the idea, the inspiration, the itch, and the urge to make these little gnomes. I have loved these little guys for years. I had a partially used skein of Noro Silk Garden and time on my hands, (this took the better part of an evening plus the next afternoon.) I love the way the colors meld from one little elf to the next.

I only stopped when I ran out of corks.

I think they will reign on my breakfast nook window sill where they will just look so awfully cute and make me smile. Cuteness rating is off the chart here.

Here is the adorable and free pattern, Korknisser by Manne. My Ravelry link.

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  1. They are so flipping cute, I could die! I need to find some corks, pronto!!

  2. Eeep! They are so cute. It's clever to use Noro for a "series" of them!

  3. So cute! What patience you have to do all that tiny knitting!


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