Estelle Cardi

July 27, 2010

Look familiar? Estelle comes in two versions, pullover and cardigan, now I have both! Same mods as before to make a more fitted sweater: smaller gauge and more decreases at waist. Also added length and more traditional fitted sleeves with 3" of ribbed cuff. I love the buttons in the back. I used 3.75 skeins of Cascade Sierra, 80% pima cotton, 20% merino wool and size 7 needles. Lovely.

Now I will get cracking on my test knit, but slow going with my hand still aching after a bit of knitting. My husband is giving me a hand massage every night, bless him!

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  1. Lovely addition to your wardrobe!
    I hope your hand will heal soon! And thank you to your husband for taking such good care of you!

  2. that is so, so gorgeous!!! I love that you put the buttons on the back- it looks so beautiful, in a really subtly glamorous way.

  3. Agree with Julie - it's absolutely glamorous!

  4. It is really a stunner! But don't overdo and keep those massages coming. We want you perfectly healed!


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