St. James in Hydrangea

June 27, 2010

I knew I would make St. James again, this was finished a few weeks ago. The pattern is so easy and wearable. I used Rowan All Seasons cotton again, this time in my husband's favorite color. Rowan calls it Geranium, but around here we call it Hydrangea, his favorite flower.

I am on a knitting sabbatical for a bit. I got a bad infection in the tendons of my right hand (from a rose thorn!) which required two surgeries and a stay in the hospital. I have more than 8 gruesome inches of incisions zigzaging down my palm from my pinky to past my wrist. My hand is healing and gaining mobility daily, but it will be awhile before knitting is back in by life. And oh how I miss it! Instead I am reading lots and slowly doing the necessary things of life with my incompetent left hand. My friends and family have been so good to me, I have needed so much help, but now feeling that I am definitely on the mend.

To complete the outfit I have these nifty flowery shoesies,
...and this great vintage Kate Spade bag (2001, soooo very vintage!)
...which also matches the hydrangeas about ready to burst
...and some "get well" flowers to make me feel loved.

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  1. Those photos of your hydrangeas (and you) are so lovely! What a terrible thing to have happened to your hand. All because of a rose? Eek! So sorry to hear it is still affecting your knitting! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Yikes! I hope you are well on the mend now. It looks like quilting with friends is a nice creative escape. I hope you are back to knitting soon, as I'm sure you must miss it, and I enjoy stopping by to see your latest sweater. (Those are the cutest shoes, by the way!)

  3. Oh no! I'm so sorry about your hand! I'm glad you're healing and back to knitting now

  4. My jaw dropped! What a beauty.Everything is beautiful: you in your pink St. James, your hydrangeas, oh, the shoes!!! the bag, flowers! Thank you for sharing such gorgeous photos.

    I hope you hand is healing well.


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