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May 03, 2010

My husband and I are astonished at the roses this year. We have thousands and thousands of blooms, more than ever, with hundreds more opening each day. The reason for this cacophony of bloom, we think, is the cool weather and welcome rain we have had here in northern California this spring. The roses think they are in England instead of hot California and they are lovin' it!

We took a stroll through the garden and counted 65 roses, so with an average of 100 to 500 buds on EACH bush, we did the math and came up with this count: 65 x lots = oodles. The final count is oodles of blooms.

We've said goodbye to the flowering trees, farewell to the glory of the wisteria, "see you next year" to the asparagus (that's a tough one to say good bye to) and welcome the roses in their place.

c'mon, take a stroll with me...

The zinnias are getting ready to face the real world.

The view from my desk.

David Austin roses line the veggie garden.

Entrance to the veggie garden, in the background is Joseph's Coat, in the front is Eden.
A border of Pink Simplicity in the front yard.

A path bordered by tree roses under planted with jasmine for the summertime fragrance.
Astonishing every year, this Climbing First Prize deserves it's name.

Good bye to the asparagus,...

...the peonies and
the wisteria.
We'll see you next year!

P.S. There is knitting of course, isn't there always? Some WIPs and maybe an FO to share soon!

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  1. Wow! I think there is *nothing* you can't do! I have the worst brown thumb ever

  2. Amazing roses!!! Love your flowers and love your stories! Thank you for such an interesting blog!

  3. Love your rose photos! What a fabulous view from your window!

  4. Kristen, I love the story about the Barbie and I sure remember that family that never returned it and they even went to our Church. I am so happy I got over Saturday to see all of your beautiful Roses in bloom and the lovely Spring Luncheon you had so we could see the Wisteria. I am very proud of you. Hugs, Mom


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