Sgt. Pepper, another totally free and totally adorable cardi!

February 26, 2018

I had so much fun making this cardigan and hat set. It came about after I cleaned out my stash and saw just how many teeny-tiny odds and ends I'd been saving, thus my super scrappy Sgt. Pepper was born. For a matching hat I decided to go with a solid thinking that making stripes again might be too much of a good thing. Then the multi-colored pompoms popped into my head and I love them. The set is perfect for chilly almost-spring walks with my grandson.

Both patterns are free and you already have the yarn--why don't you make a set too?

Read my tips on making scrap baby cardigans here
that includes other free pattern links for using different weights of yarn.
(The pattern I used for Sgt. Pepper was for DK weight.)

My Ravelry project page for the cardigan and for the hat.

I used the Basic Raglan Baby Cardigan, free pattern by Keya Kuhn.

I used the Debutant Baby Hat, free pattern by Elizabeth Sullivan.

This is my favorite pompom maker. Making pompoms of different sizes is a snap!

Freaked out about weaving in so many ends? Don't be! 
I have my own peculiar way of knitting in the ends as I go, 
but here is a popular tutorial you can follow.

PS: I didn't plan my colors but rather chose them randomly. If I had just knit a bright stripe, I would look for a color that was less bright to go next to it. I also tried to scatter the different shades of blues and greens throughout the sweater; the same for the reds and pinks, but honestly, did not give it too much thought. I think what helps to bring it all together is using one color for the ribbing. I used three different gray yarns for the ribbing and button bands, but they were so similar it's difficult to tell that they are different. Anyway, it's meant to be scrappy!

I made the 12 month size, but my little guy must have a big noggin because it barely fits.
He'll only be wearing it a short time.
Something has caught the eye of my little backyard explorer.
It's a flower!

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  1. Adorable sweater, hat, and baby!


  2. Beautiful! How did you know which color to put where?

    1. Thank you! I didn't give it much thought really and just pulled from my basket. It was more random than planned.

  3. You knit the most adorable things!
    Lmecoll on Rav

  4. Totally adorable! I want one in my size! :)

  5. jackieheinan@yahoo.comJanuary 28, 2020 at 5:41 AM

    All I can think is HAPPY when I see the stripes! Just beautiful!

  6. I would have liked the pattern but it seems to be discontinued, sadly. I love this one you made x

  7. yes this cardigan is beautiful and I would like the pattern; did you have it in your computer, please? thank you


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