KAL progress

February 17, 2016

Hello!  I'm dashing off a quick post to show my progress on Martin Storey's new afghan knit-a-long, aka KAL.  The pattern makes a full size afghan, but since I'm making a baby quilt I'm planning on making 20 squares, 4 across and 5 down.  There are eight designs total, so I should make 2 of each and a few more of my favorites to have 20.  I'm starting with just 4 skeins, one skein in each color and just hope I have enough.  I may have to purchase one or two more, but I'll know as I get further along.  The first installment was the hearts square, shown below, and the 2nd installment is this color-work square above.  It looks like fairisle, but it's not and is actually a much easier technique using slip stitches.  I absolutely adored making this square and learning this technique.   This KAL and the patterns are free, so even if you cannot participate at this point, it's a good idea to download the patterns as they become available just to have them handy for when you do have the time.  They yarn suggested is the lovely Rowan Pure Wool Worsted, which I totally love for it's ease of knitting and absolutely easy after care.  Here are the details and links again:

Download the first pattern, Moss Stitch Hearts (free)
Download the second pattern, Slip Stitch Nordic Stripes (free)
Watch this interview with adorable Martin Storey and check out Kate's coat! 
There are a few KAL forums on this Rowan Ravelry group and lots of lively chat!

Recently I gathered my needles from every which-where and organized them again /sigh/ this is an ongoing process for me, this gathering of the needles.  But I thought they looked so pretty--as pretty as any bouquet--that I had to share.  I know, I have a lot of needles.  You should see my yarn stash!


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  1. Replies
    1. Ha! It's embarrassing to show how many needles I have!

  2. LOVE the needle bouquets! And what a neat stitch pattern for that square. :)

  3. Hi Katy, the pattern was super fun to stitch. I felt like I was making fairisle! :)

  4. Love the needle bouquets! You really should post a picture of your yarn stash sometime! :)

    1. Hmmm, how much do I want to embarrass myself? I've shared stash photos before, and it was all about how I was knitting my stash and not purchasing anymore, blah blah, but even with all that talk, it's only grown!

  5. Your needles do look lovely. I'm just in the process of opening a yarn store and will carry Rowan yarns. Love them!
    Your knit along is gorgeous

    1. Carla! How exciting! Where and when? Please send me all the info when you are open!


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