The forecast is Sweater Weather

Rain is forecast for the entire week--perfect sweater weather! On this rainy play day in grammy's garden, Carter is wearing his newest Flax (I cannot stop making these!) and his new hat, Sif's Christmas Hat. Both are knit with Rowan's Softyak DK, a yarn I am deeply in love with. It has a great hand, is soft and easy care, plus it is perfectly warm but not overly warm for an active child. I looked it up on Ravelry and I've used Softyak for over 20 projects! Big thumbs up for both patterns and yarn. 

I made no modifications to the hat, but a few with Flax. I made the size 4 for my two year old grandson because I feel this pattern runs a little small and he is a little big for his age anyway. I LOVE Flax. It’s just about the best free pattern out there with endless possibilities for customization. 

Warning: the neck opening is too large in Flax! At least it is for children. I made the neck smaller by casting on for a size two sizes down. The cast on is stretchy and it goes easily over his head and fits so nicely.  (Edited to add:) After you cast on your fewer stitches and finish the neck ribbing, you will start your raglan increases and increase until you have the correct amount for your size. Also, I think you should not worry about what the stitch count is on the pattern, but instead keep increasing until you are at the chest size measurement that you need. I wanted a 26" circumference so just kept increasing until I achieved that measurement.
The stripes were made by purling the color change row. I love the effect.
The yoke is made of 
charcoal, Plateau 
purple, Meadow 
gold, Savannah 
blue, Terrain
The light gray in the body and sleeves are Cream and the dark gray is Plain. 
The links:
Flax by Tin Can Knits (free pattern, sized newborn to adult 4XL)  
Sif's Christmas Hat by Nissehue (sized doll to adult L)
Oh, and I have to ask---did you survive the weekend? Our Thanksgiving was wonderful, but on Friday I DID manage to stay in my sweats all day and decorate for Christmas. Yay me! I'll try to get some nice pictures to share as it really looks pretty around here. On Saturday we stayed home too as we had Carter for a sleepover. He had a runny nose and was feeling low, poor dear. We mostly stayed huddled on the sofa with a book or Mickey Mouse Jr. on the tv. Lots of sleeping and cuddling. He decided he really wanted to go outside and jump in the puddles, but when the rain stopped and we went outside he thought he'd rather dig in the mud. These pictures show a busy boy, but he was not in the mood to give a smile to the camera.  Oh well, I get that. He came inside where a warm bath was waiting for him and soon his parents came to pick him up. Just another sleepover with grammy and papa.

I still have plenty left!

We have cleaned out the vegetable garden and even though we have oodles of repairs to make in the watering system and raised beds, we won't give it much of a thought until spring.

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